Renewed Hope

At Renewed Hope we help our clients get un-stuck from emotional trauma. We utilize the tool of Splankna Therapy along with Biblical counseling.  Splankna Therapy is the first Christian protocol for holistic healing honoring Jesus. This field is generally called “Mind-Body Work”.  Tiffany Sturms is a Certified Master's Splankna Practitioner, Ordained Pastor, holds an Advanced diploma in Biblical counseling and is the owner of Renewed Hope LLC. . Tiffany is not a medical professional.  

"My journey in developing Renewed Hope has come from my own recovery of emotional trauma. From a childhood of extreme abuse, Splankna was one of a few recovery tools God used  that aided in my healing. I had many emotional triggers and symptoms lift through. There are many modalities for healing out there that work great. I choose Splankna because of the results."