How did I get here~

16 years ago my sister encouraged me to see a chiropractor for the hip issues I was having. I was pregnant with my first child and was in desperate need of an adjustment.  I had never been to a chiropractor before. This guy, wow, he did what I thought was some wacky stuff. He used muscle testing and holistic medicine. Muscle testing, what is that? Didn’t I see that on some silly commercial once? Little did I know I would be using this same tool 7 years later. After a few visits, the chiropractor recommended that my siblings and I see this counselor named Sarah. She was this lady who sang at our church. The chiropractor knew our emotional problems were not all physical and we needed much more then he could provide. You see my siblings and I experienced a lot of childhood trauma. So we decided to all go to see Sarah together. I had never been to a counselor before.  All I knew was you sit on a couch and talk about your problems and the counselor would nod once in a while and write stuff down. That never made sence to me. You sit and talk to someone about what’s wrong. How would that change anything?  I already knew what was wrong with me. But how could talking about it make a difference. Sarah was pretty great! She listened to our stories and decided this protocol she called Splankna would be a good fit. Guess what... that protocol some how worked. Seven years later and God growing me spiritually, my life changed. Things that triggered me no longer had a grip. Anger inside me was replaced with grace and mercy.  I decided it was time to take the Splankna training and a little while later was  ready to see clients. God taught me through my healing, the training and my clients that my story wasn’t mine. It was His. His to pour hope into His children. To this very day I sit in my office across from clients still amazed and in awe of Him. How awesome it is that He allows me to see His heart for his people in this way. It also reminds me of His heart for me. 

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