Splankna Session for ~Children, Teens, Adults and Couples.

What a Session looks like ~

A client comes in with a particular request, like depression, anxiety or an addiction. The practitioner would gather information about the history of the symptom, clients family of origin, etc. We would then open session with prayer, bring our request before the Lord. We also would invite the Lord to address His priority first, even if it is different than the presenting problem. 

We would then muscle test to begin the work. Trusting that the Spirit did just choose a moment in the client's subconscious database, we would muscle test the clients own body/soul to find what specific age and emotions stored of the trauma. The client would then clear the emotion with a combination of touching and thought allowing the body to release each trauma emotion like letting go of an electrical charge. The client touches the Meridian points on their own body while thinking about the trauma emotion and how it felt during the event/age.

We would then identify the significant vow or lie that the client adopted in the moment of the trauma. In prayer together the client will confess, repent and break agreement with that destructive coping reaction. We would ask Jesus to breathe life into those areas of the client that were affected.

Results ~

In the conscious mind, we choose life. We could all wake up any morning and decide to break agreement with lies we see operating in our lives. But when we attempt that, it isn't always as fruitful as we hope. This is partly because of Romans 7 explains, there is a conflict in our will. The "spirit man" chooses life but our brokenness chooses death. Splankna therapy walks the client through these steps because when the painful emotions around a trauma are released, the whole being is freed up to "agree" with finally breaking that lie or vow and change can occur. The client will notice that when something happens in life that would normally "trigger" the symptom, they are now peaceful instead of reactive.


Let the peace of Christ rule in your heart
— Colossians 3:15


Client Testimony

My daughters and I have done Splankna a few times now with Tiffany. My 3 daughters ages 10, 10, and 11 are all adopted. Because of the abuse and trauma in their background. Tiffany has been able to help them work through areas that are ready to be brought through the Splankna Protocol. I love this approach because we deal with the areas that the Lord knows they're ready to do deeper work in.

Tiffany is sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading. She is able to deal with hard truths to hear and deal with them in an honoring, gentle, and empathetic way. I would highly recommend Tiffany to anyone with children and adults too!

~ Heather ~